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  1. Control and conservation of entire Mining and Geological activities in the State.
  2. Regulation and Development of the major minerals according to National Mineral Conservation Policy.

  3. Grant of Certificate of Approval, Prospecting Licensces, Mining Leases for the exploration and exploitation of various major minerals.
  4. Levying and collection of royalties on major minerals.
Identification of unstable areas in collaboration with other concerned Department and suggestion of remedial measures thereof.  
    ii) Chemical and Bacteriological test and examination of food and other items with respect to adulteration.  
    iii  To investigate for and develop mineral water resources for public benefit.  
    iv To install seismograph station and compile seismic data.  
    v To carry out geo-technical studies of flood behaviour of the two major river systems viz. Teesta and Rangit rivers of Sikkim.  
  1. Formulation of policies connected with development and conservation of mineral resources including Minor Minerals, which is controlled by Forest Department of the State.

  2. Participation in joint ventures for Minerals resources utilization in the State.
  3. Training of Personnel.
  4. Administrative control of Departments building.
  5. Matters relating to Sikkim Mining Corporation and other Mining Corporation in the State.
  6. Public Services- Statutory Rules of the services with which the Department is concerned.


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